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Jingshu dr massage device jingshu dr fz-1 lcd massage device cervical spine massage device gua sha board


    Features: Combination of partial therapy and general adjustment Combination of traditional meridian theory and modern medical technology An easy to read LCD display Adjustable timer

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Combination of partial therapy and general adjustment

Combination of traditional meridian theory and modern medical technology

An easy to read LCD display

Adjustable timer

Mode button lets you select your mode

Technical Parameters:

4 massage modes

Power:DC 9V; battery: GP1604G

Power converter:


Output:DC:9V±10%,50 mA

Modulating frequency: 0.04Hz~1Hz

Repeated pulse frequency:<100Hz(Mode 1, 2: 61Hz; Mode 3: 1.25Hz; Mode 4: 61Hz)

Packing information:

Includes: A massage device, two pairs of standard massage pads, one electrode wire, one adaptor, one 9V laminated battery(the factory can not supply the battery ,because of  shipping by air), collection board of massage pads and wires, operation instruction book and acupuncture normal treatment points chart.

Also available small and large massage pads

Package: in paper box, 20 pcs/ctn; G.W./N.M.(kgs): 18.7/17.3

Package: in ABS suitcase, 6 pcs/ctn; G.W./N.M.(kgs): 13.25/12


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  •  product details

  • SHUBOSHI – microcomputer electromassage (Model FZ-1)



    Electrical massage "Shuboshi" is intended for treatment and preventive maintenance of a number of diseases by low-frequency influence by weak electrical pulses of the special form that simulating process of influence of manual massage.

    The device is applied in preventive maintenance and treatment by the medical personnel in stationary conditions, and patient at home and road conditions, at observance of the requirements of the present instruction.

    Use of this device:

    • Allows to improve an exchange of substances.
    • Allows to stimulate local microcirculation.
    • Promotes deducing of substances
      causing an inflammation.
    • Prevents merging of tissues.
    • Weakens a pain.

    The indications to application and expected effect:

    • Esthetization.
    • Restoration of mobility of joints.
    • Normalization of a condition of muscles.
    • Removal of a spasm.
    • Improvement of local circulation of the blood.
    • Normalization of an exchange of substances.
    • Removal of inflammations and edemas.
    • Prevention of union, resolve of the bruises.
    • Normalization of dream, calming influence.


    The massage device "the Convenient Doctor"

    Dot influence – an effective way of treatment and preventive maintenance of illnesses produced for thousand years. That this traditional way of treatment became accessible to broad masses, the employees of the Center of therapy by a needle and Research Institute "Tzinlo" of the Chinese medicine of a province Ankchoj have developed the microcomputer bioelectrical massage device simulating various variants of influence on active points of organism. The scientists have lead the careful analysis of methods and receptions of massage, which are used by the doctors, investigated dynamic curves of physical and physiological reactions of various influences, have lead complex clinical tests. Then, using advanced techniques of electrical modeling, have created the given device simulating active influence on points, – the massage device FZ-1.


    Modes of operations of the device

    Mode 1 –
    a Mode of stimulating and tonic influence.

    Mode 2 –

    a Mode of calming influence.

    Mode 3 –

    a Mode for penetration inside the organism with low frequency of influence.

    Mode 4 –

    a Mode for penetration inside the organism with high frequency of influence.

    The clinical tests which have been carried out in many hospitals, have proved, that the given device is effective at treatment of diseases of the jugular vertebrae, inflammation of a shoulder joints, weariness of the small of the back muscles, joint pains and other several tens diseases.

    People for a long time working with bent small of the back, neck or in any static poses, constantly using the given device, can reduce weariness of muscles, improve a nutrition of a tissue of muscles, prevent occurrence of weariness and other occupational diseases.

    The given device is especially effective at treatment of sports traumas and weariness from movement.

    After sharp and chronic damages of muscles, joints, soft tissues there is a pain. Because of a nervous reflex the protective reaction of organism results in a condition spasm, that breaks circulation of the blood of a tissue. Therefore, key moment of treatment is the removal of a spasm.

    JQ’s awards

    It can be used at treatment of the bed-patients. The people of average and elderly age, constantly using the given device, can slow down aging and deterioration of the impellent device, by strengthening a nutrition of muscles and interfering their easing.

    The given device corresponds to the industrial and medical standards, has the steady characteristics, is safe, is reliable and is convenient in application. It has received a high estimation of the experts and has caused the large interest of broad masses of the population. The device corresponds to an advanced international level and holds a patent. It is possible to tell that it is a successful example of creation Know-how from ancient traditions of the Chinese medicine.

    We are sure, that the given device will help you to get rid of many problems, will bring to you happiness and health.NOTE:there is no any battery inside THE PACKAGE from the factory. because the battery will be harmful to the electronic device. only used by power .  

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 Introduction: only do new genuine, the seller of any quality problems bear the return freight a replacement, if the false high price. Can immediately contact the seller to modify

The national five ministries jointly recommended key new products
The national invention patent "human body bioelectricity simulation" technique
Attending: muscles, joints, and soft tissue pain
Auxiliary cure – stroke hemiplegia and peripheral nerve injury
Indications – Jin vertebral disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, back fasciitis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar sprain, sciatica, bone hyperplasia, joint pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc.
Traditional Chinese medicine has a wonderful today into the homes of ordinary people
Dr. Shu mainly by relaxing the muscles, relieve fatigue, relieve spasm, inflammation, and accelerate the circulation of green, releasing adhesion, lubricating joints, the dredging of the product, the promotion of The new supersedes the old., raise the pain threshold, which quickly eliminate pain, relieve symptoms. The scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, sciatica, hemiplegia, paralysis, office workers, the driver occupation disease, sports injury, muscle fatigue has good treatment effect.
While working for the treatment of comfortable So that is what it is. simple
It is understood, IT, micro electronics, automobile driving industry has become a high-risk group of occupation disease, many white-collar office workers suffering from "neck shoulder wrist syndrome". The term computer contact makes many people changes sign of neck and shoulder joints, these phenomena in the larger work pressure of white-collar class is particularly evident, the worry is that, a lot of people have this hidden danger of neglect. For this kind of occupation disease, in addition to actively exercise, develop good patterns of life outside, with the help of some medical devices from the main treatment is a good and effective method.
30 minutes slow except discomfort
Now, "Dr. Shu" specializes in the treatment of neck and shoulder joint pain has attracted many white-collar people applaud, and become the new equipment of urban white-collar "". With "Dr. Shu", can work while you accept massage, really is so, the treatment work. With the adjustment of Dr. Shu function, two "small" Shu doctor or relieve or shortness or gentle or punch, role at the exciting moment, itchy scratch, a comfortable and cozy from pores penetrated into every corner of the body. After 30 minutes, pain disappeared, the body is flexible, returning to the comfortable feeling reluctant to leave, try to stop but cannot.
Dr. Shu is comparable to traditional massage
The design of Instrument Science, new ideas, the curative effect is remarkable, safe and reliable, reached the international advanced level. World acupuncture authority magazine "international acupuncture" published an article called: Shu Dr. simulation instrument and skilled massage doctor compared no significant difference can be comparable to massage the physician for treatment.
Dr. 1 is equivalent to 40 bit north and south of Taiwan comfortable massage Masters
Massage is one of the world’s most ancient medicine, can cure surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, Department of internal medicine and Department of Traumatology and other diseases. At present, the massage mainly rely on individual doctors to complete, massage a course of at least 10 times or even a hundred times, commute patients, very inconvenient. Find a private massage shop, have to worry more about the safe hidden trouble of legacy non formal way under the.
Manipulation force curve Shu Dr. simulation massage instrument collection north and south of the country more than 40 famous chiropractor, through electronic simulation, is converted to electrical signals with human EMG features, to generate a push, take, knock, rolling, kneading massage force acting on the body tissue, achieve the same treatment effect and reality. That is to say, as long as a doctor a Shu, equivalent to forty massage masters back home.
Dr. Shu has four characteristics:
30 – relaxed comfortable analgesia. 30 reduce the pain, the body is light, comfortable feeling.
Anytime, simple and convenient. Whether at home or in the office, in the car, and would like to use, work, treatment of two not mistake, known as "the chiropractor pocket".
Safe, green therapy. Unique "bioelectricity treating wave" similar EMG and human itself, which is easy for human body to accept.
Save money – economical benefits. 8-10 years of service life, cost price only and massage to the hospital to do a course of quite, family are available.
Human biological simulation technology (massage devices currently on the market there are based on Dr. Shu product evolution of production)
Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of acupuncture and meridian research members of the research group, for two and a half years, in cooperation with scientific research institutes and some universities and the nation, have a gratifying comfort for patients with stroke.
Research group of 2000 National Torch Plan Project "to human body bioelectricity simulation technology as a platform, in summarizes the predecessor the experimental basis of hemiplegia treated with acupuncture, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy not only mastered the frequency waveform and the massage strength curve of the original, but also the scientific screening can be used for stroke rehabilitation of acupoints and the muscle group. At the same time, the use of micro electronics and embedded software technology, realizes the simulation of acupuncture and massage. Clinical verification shows that Dr. Shu stroke rehabilitation therapy instrument made with acupuncture, massage doctor treats the same curative effect. The test in patients with surprised and said: "Shu doctor didn’t know tired than the doctor!"
With Dr. don’t worry parents Shu neck shoulder back pain.
Fumigation therapy plus Taijiquan exercise for the treatment of rheumatoid:
With my fumigation + reasonable exercise + diet, does not require expensive medical expenses, loss or partial loss of rehabilitation a self-care ability of patients. Let the number of elderly female patients get married, be in the family way. Let tens of thousands of give up and ready to give patients because I read the treatment case video, articles and win "die of cancer" confidence, determination! …… What I do for my patients, patients, families, social contribution and value, can not use the money can be measured. I harvest is more difficult to conquer the world
Question sense of accomplishment and pride, I live in this world of value!

Fumigation therapy is for fumigation treatment of diseased parts of the thermal and drug use, for the good of the repair effect of sweat gland. Many patients previously some parts do not sweat, fumigation after sweating is proof. A way at the same time fumigation therapy is also active sweating, can eliminate the toxin inside body. Many patients with fumigation treatment for about three months, ESR, C reactive protein, in does not eat any drugs, by the very high variable to prove the normal is good. [1] see screenshot

Sweating is physiological regulation, but a large number of sweat and rehydration is insufficient, will lead to dehydration, affect the health. Light generated from thirst, scanty urine, fatigue, muscle cramps, severe heat stroke, high temperature, and even endanger the life. So, same as other sports, in fumigation before or after fumigation to add water in time. If fumigation eliminated 500 grams of sweat, you will need to add 750 grams of water. How do I know how much sweat fumigation out? It can measure weight in before fumigation, fumigation after measure weight. The difference is that you sweat water loss.
Check the encyclopedia on the Internet can know; "sweat composition; 98 to 99% main ingredients are water, the proportion of about between 1.002 ~ 1.003, 4.2 ~ 7.5 pH value. NaCl is about 300 mg /100 ml. From 1 to 2% for a small amount of urea, lactic acid, fatty acid."
"Blood is red opaque liquid flow in the heart and blood vessels within the plasma and blood cells as main component. Blood contains a variety of nutrients, such as inorganic salts, oxygen and metabolites, hormones, enzymes and antibodies, nutritious tissue, regulate organ activities and defense the deleterious substance function. Physiological and pathological changes of various organs of the body, often can cause the change of blood components, so after the illness often through a blood test to diagnose the disease."
From the above analysis we can see that the encyclopedia; sweat and blood although all body fluids, but two kinds of liquid is irrelevant. In order to physical health, they should exclude must be ruled out, should be preserved must be preserved. The fact proves, to maintain the smooth flow of sweat glands, to take the initiative to exclude certain sweat, and replenish adequate water, is a necessary condition for the rehabilitation of patients.
Visible, the so-called "sweat and blood of homologous, fumigation for a long time the Yin liquid fumigation dry hurts." Pure nonsense!
"Ocean bubble" sister 40 years old rheumatism, 17 years in patients with ankylosing spondylitis, fumigation for 3 years, at present all clinical indicators of normal, the pain disappeared, more and more healthy. [2] see screenshot
"Xian Ren Zhang" fumigation for about a year and a day fumigation 5–6 hours to walk 2 km from the bedridden. [3] see screenshot
A lot of the hip joint in patients with sacroiliitis, all fumigation for half a year, one year, or even more than a year. Are lucky to get rid of the pain, to rehabilitation, they returned to work in the work, the married married, the pregnant pregnant, the baby is a healthy baby…….
These facts show; as long as we pay attention to replenish moisture and nutritional supplements in the fumigation time, will be more and more healthy.



Tai Chi recovery "rheumatoid arthritis" case

Shen Liqiong: male, 49 years old this year. The east area of Guangdong Hong Style Taijiquan Center Manager, director of Shantou Wushu Association, a college professor of guangzhou.
Shen Di this year from the Internet to see very interested in case I taught Taijiquan and cure rheumatism, made a special trip from Shantou to Shenzhen AC. Common rheumatic experience, love of Taijiquan and mutual admiration, I two a different factions of the Tai Chi brothers.
Shen Di readme 25 years ago by the hospital diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Hand, foot, knee pain, part of the finger deformation. Every time you eat 28 grains of all kinds of Western medicine in the treatment of rheumatism, a day to eat more than 80 grain. (note, yesterday saw Shen brother offered two amendments, this article refer to the end of this article.) There was no improvement. The Shantou famous doctor Li Mou recommended, practicing taijiquan. Two years after the condition has improved, completely healed after five years. Last check rheumatoid factor 0.34, broke the rheumatism irreversible myth, created the practice Taijiquan cure rheumatoid arthritis miracle.
Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, according to doctors say, is the body’s immune system to produce rheumatic diseases harmful factor joint, tendon is damaged by many. In the body can detect rheumatoid factor (human leukocyte antigen (HlA-D34), and human leukocyte antigen HlA B27) the variation of immune cells. Is a world-class problem in today’s medical community failed to conquer. So, be western medicine industry known as the "die of cancer"
In fact, creatures with self repair function, the human body cannot like an animal can regrow limbs, long tail. But also has very strong self repair function! As part of the stomach and liver resection can slowly grow. As long as we can effectively mobilize the body’s repair function, many diseases can be self-healing! This is our Chinese people smart, TCM subtle place!
Shen Di by practicing Taijiquan cured a case of rheumatoid arthritis, and I with the fumigation therapy ten Tai Chi exercise ten dietary conditioning, cure of ankylosing spondylitis in rheumatoid arthritis, the number of cases and dozens of cases have a similar. (the other hundreds of various types of rheumatism cure ills) Shen Di cure rheumatoid arthritis only practicing Taijiquan for five years, and I treat ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, three method together with a year can get obvious effect! Hope back "die of cancer" burden, are still under the torture of the vast majority of patients with drug, as soon as possible to join the Tai Chi exercise, fumigation treatment industry!

THE FACTORY CONTACT :0086 13901047043

WhatsApp,SKYPE: MIKESHI882003


Treating rheumatoid arthritis ankylosing spondylitis anti RA AND AS MEDICINE 900g ,take each 10g, THREE TIMES A DAY

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YG-900 Intelligent anion steam engine home sauna fumigation barrel shipping health care products

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